It was my first time to reach Daily Post Limit last night & I was pissed.

Sorry guys for flooding your dashes :D

Added music to my blog. Don’t worry, songs added aren’t loud-rock music.

aw, I’m just happy that my visitors counter reached 1k. Thanks guys!

So yeah. Changed my blog’s theme. Might as well change it again as soon as I find something better, but I’m okay with it tho I still have to make a few adjustments here and there.

IELTS today!

It feels hard being stuck in between two of your friends who are currently having a secret quarrel. Like, you don’t know who to be in favor with. 

It’s like I’m being biased but I really don’t want that to happen. Both are my close friends but who weighs more than the other?

Last day of being a DEP Student in Heriot Watt :c I’ll miss my classmates even though we’re all not that close. They’re all awesome!

Why do we keep luring ourselves from all the negative things that has happened in the past?

We shouldn’t be afraid of the people who used to hurt us, but instead, have the courage to stand up for ourselves and show them that we were able to learn something from the past.

It isn’t too late for us to change. Change ourselves for our own benefit, and not to please others. 

You think I’m hurt? No I’m not cause I’m matured (afaik) enough to think which words are hurtful that can pass the boundaries and not.

Maths exam tomorrow.

Really? You got HURT with what I said about you that is clearly a JOKE?

I don’t know why you took it seriously.

Can you even look at yourself? I think what I said didn’t even cross your limit of sensitivity.

You make fun of people as if it’s okay for them. Whatever you say are actually SEVERE when it comes to teasing people. What’s worse is that you make fun of your close friends behind their backs; backstabber.

Just annoys me. Good thing I just agree with almost everything you say ‘cause I don’t want anyone in our group to be feeling left out, which can then be you if ever I don’t have the same attitude as you.