I like having those friends who accepts me for who I am.

Like, even though I’m annoying at times, they still accept me and hang out with me. 

I know I am annoying. Hehehe.

That’s what I call TRUE FRIENDS.

Those friends that doesn’t talk behind your back. They stay true to you. Even though they hear rumors about you, they don’t talk trash things about you.

Those friends that offers their shoulder when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Those friends that share their secrets and stories with you; vice versa. Like, their trust on you is very big.

Those friends that share happy moments with you.

Those friends that doesn’t forget to give you happiness when you’re in need.

Those friends who you can be comfortable with.

Those friends that you can count on.

Those friends that you can tease without them being offended; they tease you back. lol.

Those friends that who you have the same interest(s).

Those friends that lends help when you need some.

Friends are really like your second family. It feels good to have many good friends. They make you feel like you’re already complete. 

Thank you, God, for all the blessings. The blessing of friends and family, material and non-material things. All I’m doing is offered to you. I love you!


Well, for some reason, I consider 13 as a good/lucky number for me.

  • I bought my laptop (the one I’m currently using) on May 13, 2011.
  • I won on Virgin Radio on July 14, 2012; the day after 13. HAHAHAHA. WTH.
  • and now, I got my NEW DSLR yesterday, August 13, 2012. :)