Seeing all these trending hashtags on Twitter:





and many more.

Makes me laugh.

Not that I feel sorry for Pacquiao for losing his fight, but I feel sorry for all those Mexicans who are feeling very proud of themselves because Marquez K.O.’d Pacquiao.

Yes, that would bring pride to their country. But when Pacquiao defeated Marquez two times, Filipinos didn’t even brag about it. What they did was just they celebrated the victory of the boxer.

Now, RESPECT is the only word that should be stuffed up on some Mexican bashers’ mouths. 

Imitating Pacman’s position when he was down isn’t even right. What? Planking? Pacman-ning? So childish.

I bet your parents or even the schools you all are from didn’t teach you the right meaning of RESPECT, yeah? That’s ok. Filipinos are still better than you and we’ll prove it in many other ways.

I don’t know why I’m writing this up, but I’m actually supposed to study. So, I’ll go now. Bai.

Goodluck Mexicanos! God Bless you! 

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